Testimonials after ReEngaged Events:

  •  "God was an idea. Now he is a person. He is a person I can know. He is a person I have a relationship with. And now for the first time my Catholicism really makes sense to me." 

  •  "I've been attending these presentations monthly for the past year.  It has changed my life and my family's life. Faith was at the periphery of my life and now it is at the center. I just can't tell you how much I look forward to these monthly presentations!"

  •  "Just last night I was actually thinking of leaving the Catholic Church for good with my family. The culture of our Church just wasn't a place where I felt we fit. I came to your presentation today and I realized there really is a place for me and my family here. There's a place for everyone. Sorry, it almost makes me cry. God has a place for us here."

  •  "I left the Catholic Church because I thought I needed to in order to be a Christian. It's not that I stopped 'being Catholic,' it's just that I didn't see how to be a Catholic and a Christian at the same time. Listening to these presentations and experiencing this community, I realized that I am home in the Catholic Church as a Christian woman. It has brought me such peace. I am so grateful. It connected the dots for me." 

  • "Eucharistic Adoration used to be a cold formal experience. Now it is a personal meeting with God! Something changed in me during Adoration tonight: I welcomed God in my heart. Now it all makes such sense. And I have a peace in my prayer life I didn't have before."

  •  "Wow! I don't read. I literally don't read anything unless it's required for work. I simply couldn't put your book Known down until I finished. I have never read anything like it."