Grace Works Video!

Check out a sample from the Grace Works Series offered to over 200 parents at Saint Andrew Catholic Church in Newtown PA!

Organic Holiness Video!

Check out the third talk in the Organic Holiness Series given to 200 parents at Saint Andrew Catholic Church!

Relate Audio


This is the audio from Relate, the second session in the Organic Holiness Series as it was given to over 200 parents at Saint Andrew Catholic Church in Newtown PA! Dan's special guest, Barry Pine, and Dan's surprise special guest, his two year old son Noah, are also on the audio recording!

Grace Works Audio

Grace Works

Dan recently offered an abridged version of the Grace Works Series to the Faith Forum at St. Rose of Lima in North Wales PA. Check out the audio here!

Guest Presentations in Evangelical Communities!


200Churches Podcast!

The 200Churches Podcast, a podcast by Evangelical pastors for Evangelical pastors, recently invited us to join them on their podcast to talk about Christian leadership, being Catholic and Christian, the Sacrament of Confession, and the Global Leadership Summit. We were the first Catholics ever invited to be a part of this podcast that reaches hundreds of Protestant pastors throughout the world! 

Listen here!


Salvation Simplified at Bethel!

Bethel Church in Philadelphia invited us to share Salvation Simplified (our presentation on salvation which has the Imprimatur of the Catholic Church)! It was one of the most groundbreaking opportunities we've had as a ministry!

Thank you to Bethel for your hospitality.

Listen here!

More Video!


St. Andrew Catholic Church!

These are some clips from our presentation about ReEngaging a personal relationship with God in the heart of the Catholic Church and ReEngaging Christ personally in the Eucharist!

Watch here!


Ash Wednesday at Bethel

This past Ash Wednesday we were invited to take part in an ecumenical Ash Wednesday Service at Bethel Church!

Watch the video and hear the message about how we are sinners but we have a Savior!  

Pastor Rob of Bethel prays and then introduces Dan Tarrant, the founder of ReEngaged Ministries, in this video.

Watch here!

The Devout Series at St. Andrew Audio

How to be a devout Catholic as an imperfect person!

Devotion is not perfection. It's something much more beautiful!