Our Books

Known: My Story


An easy read about one Catholic's journey to have a personal relationship with God in the heart of the Catholic Church after years of questions, doubts and confusion! Check it out!

that simple.


What if the quality of every relationship is determined by one ingredient? What if it's just that simple? Learn about the role God intends grace to have in your life! Check it out!

Why Jesus?


Why choose Jesus when there are so many other faiths? Does being a Christian mean condemning other religions? Can I be Catholic and still learn from people of other faiths? Check it out!

Our Booklets

Salvation Simplified


Can God still love me if I sin? How do I go to Heaven? Learn with this easy guide with pictures which has the Catholic Imprimatur. Salvation may be simpler than you think! Check it out!

Discipleship Simplified


Does  God really have a plan for my life? How do I discover his plan? What does it mean to put my whole life in God's hands? Learn with this easy guide with pictures! Check it out!

Grace Alone


Do Catholics believe we are saved by grace alone? Can I be a born again Christian and a Catholic? Am I a born again Catholic? Learn more with this easy to read introduction to the Joint Declaration on Justification! Check it out!

More Books and Booklets

Grace Works


Don't do more for God. Invite God to do more in you. His grace works! Learn how grace saves and restores us in a language both Catholics and Protestants can wholeheartedly embrace in this daily devotional that has been awarded the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur of the Catholic Church!

Check it out!



Learn how to be a devout Catholic as an imperfect person with real questions using the Devout Participant's Guide which can also be read devotionally!

Check it out!

I Quit!


Read the story of a dad who quit "doing stuff" and began discipling! This is the perfect book for parents who want to quit!

Check it out!