Dan Tarrant

Brief Biography

Dan Tarrant is the founder and director of ReEngaged Ministries. The mission of ReEngaged Ministries is to lead Catholics into a personal relationship with God in the heart of the Catholic Church. What many people leave the Catholic Church to discover in nondenominational churches can be found in ReEngaged Ministries within the Catholic Church. Dan was raised Catholic and despite a powerful experience of Jesus Christ as a child, he wandered from his Catholic faith as a young man to explore all the World Religions only to find his way back to Jesus Christ in Evangelical Christian communities. Dan says that from there the Bible, the prompting of God's Spirit and the Church's Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification led him back to the Catholic faith of his birth. Dan has served the Catholic Church in a ministry capacity since 1998. He has a Master's Degree in Theology from La Salle University. A number of his books have received the Imprimatur of the Catholic Church and ReEngaged Ministries has the formal endorsement of Archbishop Charles Chaput. Dan's passion is to help Catholics understand just how good the Good News is and decide to welcome Jesus personally into their lives grounded in a Biblical understanding of grace. While Dan's primary mission is to lead Catholics to a personal relationship with Christ, Dan has also been a sought after speaker in many Evangelical Christian communities as well because of his respect for those outside of the Catholic Tradition and his heart for sharing the Gospel with anyone with ears to hear it. Dan considers himself to be a "describer" of the faith as opposed to a "defender" of the faith with the primary calling of describing how God has personally impacted his life as a Catholic Christian so others can find their way instead of arguing matters of Christian doctrine. Dan lives with his wife and three children in Bucks County PA.